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Steel Shielding Steel shielding is designed to either absorb or resist EMI’s and is best form of shielding since it can deflect or absorb stray electrons.
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Leading Manufacturers

San Fernando, CA  |  818-764-8222

Spira Manufacturing Corp. offers the most reliable EMI gaskets & shielding for the electrical / electronic industries to meet required EMC/EMI shielding regulations.

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Lancaster, NY  |  716-684-7600

Sealing Devices is a leading North American distributor and fabricator of EMI shielding products, including conductive elastomers, Soft-Shield® low closure force gasketing, windows, conductive adhesives, formed-in-place parts, vents and elastomers.

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Sealing Devices Inc. $$$

Quakertown, PA  |  215-703-0950

At View Thru Technologies, we provide a comprehensive line of shielded filters. Our EMI shielding products are designed to meet any shielding requirements ranging from low-level anti-static applications to Level 1 TEMPEST applications. We use our own printed copper mesh, as well as various conductive coatings to ensure your shielding requirements are met.

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View Thru Technologies, Inc. $$$

Reedsburg, WI  |  800-482-1941

VTI Vacuum Technologies, Inc. supplies EMI/RFI/ESD shielding and form-in-place gasketing solutions for medical, defense, aerospace and industrial devices. VTI utilizes a vacuum deposition process for selectively shielding plastic electronic enclosures. The company robotically dispenses conductive and environmental form-in-place gaskets for sealing plastic and metal components. VTI is ISO 9001:2008 certified, ITAR compliant and veteran owned small business established in 1993.

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VTI Vacuum Technologies Inc. $$$

Pleasanton, CA  |  925-461-8830

Peridot Corporation is a precision manufacturer of RFI and EMI shielding for a multitude of industries, including medical, telecommunications, computer, electronics, automotive and aerospace. We offer a vast array of manufacturing technologies, all under one roof, to ensure optimum shielding solutions.

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Steel EMI Shielding –

In the midst of all of this electronic activity are random electrical signals that pass through the air and can cause serious damage to our devices. To protect equipment, it is important to have some form of blockage that can prevent the random signals from damaging or destroying vital equipment. The best form of protection is EMI steel shielding.

The random electrical pulses that float through the air are called electromagnetic interference (EMI). Steel shielding is designed to either absorb or resist EMI’s and is best form of shielding since it can deflect or absorb stray electrons. Steel is a very durable metal that has many features, which makes it a perfect solution for protecting technical equipment.

A critical factor in the battle against EMI’s is corrosion, which can interrupt electrical signals and permanently damage equipment. Of the many forms of shields on the market, steel shielding, with an added alloy such as zinc, tin or aluminum, is exceptional in avoiding and preventing corrosion. The dangers associated with corrosion are not normally seen until it has already destroyed equipment.

An additional factor that makes steel shielding attractive is its ability to be soldered. The various forms of shields include cabinets and cases that can hold racks. Steel shielding can be seamlessly soldered and formed to any size for these types of enclosures. The tight seal between connections does not interrupt the protective quality of the steel shielding.

For the best protection, shields need to be assembled in layers since single layered shields do not have sufficient protective capabilities. Steel shielding is produced in multiple thicknesses that makes it capable of being formed into layers in the production process.

The most impressive aspect of steel shielding is its low conductivity making it a perfect choice for a shield designed to prevent the passage of electrons. Its density absorbs electromagnetic interference and sends it to a ground material. The process is completed efficiently without the need for any concern on the part of the user.

There are many forms of shields on the market that may have attractive selling points. For the most economical and cost-efficient choice, steel shielding is far superior to any of the other materials available.